Sebastian Böhlen Band - Fun Flowers

When I composed the music for this recording in early 2018 , I wrote it with Magnus, Stefan, Max and Peter´s playing in my ear. I am a big fan of them and is was a plan of mine for years to make a record together. We recorded the album in August 2018 after playing a couple of concerts with my new compositions. The way in which these four incredible musicians brought my music to life was everything I hoped for and even more. They encountered my music with respect while taking extreme liberties in their interpretations at the same time. I think that´s all you can hope for as a composer.  As a guitarist it is just a lot of fun to play with this band, so I called the record Fun Flowers.




Stefan Karl Schmid - Tenor & Soprano Saxophone

Magnus Schriefl - Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar

Max Leiß - Bass

Peter Gall - Drums


All compositions by Sebastian Böhlen

Recorded by Christian Bader at Blackbird Studio, Berlin.

Mixed and Mastered by Christian Bader at Studio P4, Berlin.

Laika Records, 2019

Sebastian Böhlen Band feat. Efrat Alony - Geboren unter diesem weichen Wind.

In January 2015 I was asked to write a Jazz-cantata for a festival in Basel, Switzerland. On this festival two new compositions were premiered, which both set the same text to tone. In the first half the audience listened to a new composition for a baroque ensemble, in the second half we played my composition for a jazz band. For the vocal part I asked Efrat Alony, who I admire since I got to know her music. Her singing is completely unique and as a composer you can write things for her which only a handful of singer are able to sing. Directly after the concert I decided to record this composition, so we went into the studio in the summer of 2016. Thanks again so much to Efrat, Andreas, Bernhard & Peter for their outstanding playing and singing. The title is an excerpt of the text and can be translated as "Born under this soft wind"



Efrat Alony - Voice

Andreas Böhlen - Alto Saxophone

Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar

Bernhard Meyer - Bass

Peter Gall - Drums


All compositions by Sebastian Böhlen

Lyrics by Tina Hartmann

Record, mixed and mastered by Christian Bader at Studio P4, Berlin

Laika Records, 2017

Sebastian Böhlen Quartet - Miscela

This is my first record for Laika Records. I am very grateful to Peter Cronemeyer from Laika Records for having so much confidence in my music. I moved to Berlin in 2013 and I loved the city from the very first day.  So it did not take long that I started to write music with the inspirations I was getting from this city. During the two days in Spring 2014, in which we recorded the album, Stefan, Jakob and Peter played beautiful as always. A month after the recording I went back to the studio and recorded Oscar Levant and Edwards Heyman´s Blame it on my youth with my baritone guitar.



Stefan Karl Schmid - Tenor & Soprano Saxophone

Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar  & Baritone Guitar

Jakob Dreyer - Bass

Peter Gall - Drums & Typewriter

All compositions except Blame it on my youth by Sebastian Böhlen


Recorded and mixed  by Jürgen Heckel at Aurec Studios, Berlin.

Mastered by Wolfgang Schiefermair

Laika Records, 2014

Neigelböhlen - Design

Since my childhood I am a big fan of art songs. While I was still doing my bachelor degree in Mannheim in 2008, I set a few poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, Langston Hughes, Robert Frost and Edgar Allen Poe to tone. I asked Stephie if she would like to try them out and I could not be happier that she agreed to do it. Her way of singing enriched the music in an extend I never imagined. For the album we added to my compositions the standard I'll be seeing you written by Sammy Fain and Irving Kahal. The recording took place in Mannheim in 2011 and was released by Rodenstein Records. The CD is named after a poem by Robert Frost.


Stephanie Neigel - Voice

Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar



All compositions except I'll be seeing you by Sebastian Böhlen.

Recorded and mixed by Mathias Grosch at Groschton Studio, 2011

Masters by Tom Krüger at No Se´ Studio, 2011

Rodenstein Records, 2013

Sebastian Böhlen Sextett - 2 1/2 Concerti For Small Ensemble

I was living in New York City from 2010 - 2012 and composed all of the music for this record there. The opportunity to be in this city and be allowed to focus only on music was life changing for me. In the summer of 2011 I recorded these tunes together with Matthias, Stefan, Volker, Jakob and Peter and I am proud and grateful that these incredible musicians played my music. It was the first record on which I was composer, guitarist and producer at the same time. In 2012 we played a nice release tour through Germany. You can find videos of this group in the video section.








Stefan Karl Schmid - Tenor & Soprano Saxophone, Clarinet and Bass Clarinet

Matthias Bergmann - Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar

Volker Engelberth - Piano & Melodica

Jakob Dreyer - Bass

Peter Gall - Drums


Recorded by Nico Raschke at Hansahausstudio, 2011

Mixed by Klaus Genuit at Hansahausstudio, 2011

Mastered by Florian Ross, 2011

Mons Records, 2012

As Sideman

Judith Goldbach - Diary Of A Fly, Synaudio, 2018

Philippe Mall - Hydra, Unit Records, 2016

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen We´ll Meet In The RainTwo Rivers Records, 2016

New German Art Orchestra, Lars Seniuk - Pendulum, Mons Records, 2015 

Basak Yavuz - Things, feat. David Liebman & Peter Eldrige, Kalan Records, 2013 

Andreas Böhlen Band – Cruise, Unit Records, 2012

Manhattan School of Music Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra, Justin Dicioccio Artistry in Rhythm, Jazzheads, 2012

Manhattan School of Music Jazz Philharmonic Orchestra, Justin Dicioccio – Meditations Suite, Jazzheads, 2011

BundesjazzorchesterBuJazzO Vol. 7, Deutscher Musikrat, 2009

Bundesjugendorchester, Michael Boder – Johannes Brahms, Hans-Jürgen von Bose, Deutscher Musikrat, 2008

Landesjugendjazzorchester Niedersachen – Have You Heart, Landesmusikrat Niedersachen, 2007

Tee Mit Sahne – HellaMons Records, 2006

As Composer Only

Kicks ´n Sticks - Das Was Bleibt, Neuklang Records, 2017

As Part Of A Compilation

Live at Birds Eye Volume 16 Spiegelungen, Birds Eye, 2016 

Bundesbegegnung Jugend Jazzt 2005 – Young & Foolish, Deutscher Musikrat, 2005