Sebastian Böhlen Big Band - Happy Meal

I wrote this tune in 2012. After playing it for years on my concerts, I decided to record it in a big band setting, so I wrote this particular arrangement in 2020 and we recorded it only a few days before the first Covid-19 lockdown. Geoffroy Dabrock made this incredible Animation. 


Markus Ehrlich - Saxophones

Johannes Böhmer - Trumpets

Geoffroy Dabrock - Trombones

Sebastian Böhlen - Guitars

Max Leiß - Electric Bass

Janis Görlich - Drums & Percussion


Recorded by Tobias Ober at Bonelllo Studios, Berlin


Mixed and Mastered by Christian Bader at Studio P4, Berlin


Animation by Geoffroy Dabrock at Ypericon Records, Berlin.

Sebastian Böhlen Sextett - Live

In 2018 the Sebastian Böhlen Sextett was lucky enough to be one of the finalist of the Competition "Neuer Deutscher Jazzpreis", which took place in Mannheim, Germany.

These four videos are excerpts from our concert.


Stefan Karl Schmid - Tenor Saxophone, Sopran Saxophone & Clarinet

Matthias Bergmann - Trumpet & Flugelhorn

Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar

Volker Engelberth - Piano & Melodica

Jakob Dreyer - Bass

Peter Gall - Drums

The following video was filmed in Oktober 2012 after a tour with the Sebastian Böhlen Sextett through Germany. Unfortunately Volker Engelberth on piano and Peter Gall on drums could not play on this concert, so I was more than happy that Rainer Böhm and Silvio Morger had time to be substitutes for them.  In this video we play a tune of mine called Anyway, which you can find also on my record Miscela.


Stefan Schmid - Saxophone

Matthias Bergmann - Trumpet

Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar

Rainer Böhm - Piano

Jakob Dreyer - Bass

Silvio Morger - Drums

Sebastian Böhlen Band - Fun Flowers

This is the trailer to my record Fun Flowers, which was released by Laika Records in 2019. The fantastic animation was made by Geoffroy Dabrock.


Stefan Karl Schmid - Saxophone

Magnus Schriefl - Trumpet

Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar

Max Leiß - Bass

Peter Gall - Drums


Recorded by Christian Bader at Blackbird Studio, Berlin.


Mixed and mastered by Christian Bader at Studio P4, Berlin.


Animation by Geoffroy Dabrock at Ypericon Records, Berlin.

Duo & Trio with Kenneth Dahl Knudsen & John Schröder

In January 2020 I had the honour to play on Kenneths new recording. I love Kenneths spontaneity and creativity. After his recording we decided to go to studio for one day to record some standards. Here are our takes on Alone Together (written by Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz) and I Fall In Love Too Easily (written by Jule Stein & Sammy Cahn)


Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - Bass


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Bader at Studio P4, Berlin.

I admire John Schröders playing since I started to play jazz many years ago. So I was thrilled when he agreed to come to the studio that day to record original music. The video features a tune of Kenneth called Memories M/S.


Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - Bass

John Schröder - Drums



Recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Bader at Studio P4, Berlin.

Live in Montreux with A Bu, Joe Sanders & Ziv Ravitz

In 2015 I was one of the finalist of the Socar Montreux Electric Guitar Competition. A few month later I was invited to be a part of the Montreux Jazz Academy, where I got the chance to play concerts together with incredible musicians from all over the world. I am very grateful that I was given this amazing opportunity.


Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar

A Bu - Piano

Joe Sanders - Bass

Ziv Ravitz - Drums


Live with Malte Schiller, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen & Mathias Ruppnig

In September 2017 I organized a couple of concerts for this quartet to play a program consisting completely out of standards. It was amazing to play with this group and we decided to release two videos from our last concert at the B-Flat in Berlin. The two standards we are playing are Skylark (written by Hoagy Carmichael and Jonny Mercer) and For Heaven´s Sake (written by Sherman Edwards, Donald Meyer and Elise Bretton)


Malte Schiller - Saxophone

Sebastian Böhlen - Guitar

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen - Bass

Mathias Ruppnig - Drums


I have always been a huge fan of art songs. In 2009 I set a few poems by Rainer Maria Rilke, Robert Frost Langston Hughes and Edgar Allen Poe to tone and asked Stephanie Neigel if she would like to sing them.

Stephies way of singing enriched these compositions to an extend I never imagined.

After playing these compositions live for two years, we recorded them in June 2011 and released them in 2013 on Rodenstein Records. 

In 2014 we recorded and filmed these three live versions of Design (Robert Frost), Alone (Edgar Allen Poe) and Begegnung in der Kastanienallee (Rainer Maria Rilke).

Live with Simon Seidl, Oliver Lutz & Fabian Arends

In 2015 I was asked to play a concert at Studio N in Cologne. I was so happy and very exited when Simon, Oliver and Fabian agreed to play on this concert with me. We played a couple of original tunes and a few standards. The Studio N released an excerpt of this concert.